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Most of our private investigators are retired police officers and they are ready to pick up your case. Our experts can create tailored solutions to help meet your needs discreetly. You're hiring us to conduct thorough and detailed investigations. We provide our clients with detailed reports with photographic and video evidence. 

What cases do we typically work? Almost anything such as; infidelity, spousal surveillance, personal asset investigations, divorce investigations, background checks, missing person, runaway teens, fraud investigations, locating people, difficult subpoena services, loss prevention, embezzlement, asset searches, and more. 

Call us today 213-262-9899 or complete the form below for a free consultation and learn more about our process and special rate. We’re always available to help solve your challenges. Everything we do is completely confidential. Click here to read in Spanish.


Our Tools and Resources

  • Real time GPS tracking. We can track vehicles or other property. Our team engineered their own micro GPS tracker. If we're not monitoring the GPS real time we can pull up past history because the device is constantly logging activity and storing it in memory to be retrieved at a later date and time.


  • Real time covert cellphone surveillance. Our certified ethical hackers created IMSI catchers to intercept calls and text messages. We can also recover cellphone data. Sometimes we can even recover deleted data! If we don't have the TMSI we can monitor cell signals to sniff the data and decrypt it to locate our targets. 


  • Real time covert computer monitoring. We can see what people are typing and what they're doing on the computer in real time. Our experts can also tap into the webcam and microphone for audio surveillance. 


  • Computer forensics & e-Discovery. We have all the major forensics tools (AccessData FTK, enCase, Paraben). We can recover all types of data even deleted files. We also have a e-Discovery platform to help sort through relevant data for a case. We can easily and quickly sort through thousands and thousands of emails to find the right evidence.


  • Our engineers love using nanotech to engineer micro cameras for surveillance. They can convert the most inconspicuous objects into video and audio monitoring devices. 

Those are some of the ways we leverage technology to help with our investigations. Our education and work experience makes me us experts in this field. 

If any of the above can help your current cases feel free to contact us at 866-500-5559.  We're confident you will be impressed with the results.

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