Who We Are and What We Do

Chabot Securities International has a team of experts in cyber security, intelligence, investigation, e-discovery and risk assessment. You will never be afraid of the negative effects of cyber crimes and other forms of exploitations on the internet if you will never hesitate to choose us to be your partner in the field of information security. Our company is always here to guide you in securing all your personal information and financial assets that are meant to be hidden on the internet regularly. Our team does much more than just cyber security. Check out some of our services and contact us anytime for more details. Chabot Securities International is also an active member of The California Association of Licensed Investigators.

Dr. Paul Chabot

Dr. Paul Chabot is the President of Chabot Securities International Inc. He is an Iraq War veteran who began his reserve military intelligence career in 2001, serving first at the Office of Naval Intelligence. Later, he worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency, in conjunction with an assignment in the Pentagon working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the National Military Command Center, where he identified and assessed immediate national security threats.

In 2008, Paul returned from Iraq where he served as an intelligence officer with Joint Special Operations Forces. Today, he serves as the Department Head for Command Pacific Fleet Intelligence Reserve Unit – 0194 at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He is a fully qualified Information Dominance Warfare Officer with Top Secret/SCI clearance.

Paul has over 19 years of law enforcement experience. He served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department with specialized assignments to the narcotics and street gangs division. Paul also served full-time with the University of Southern California Public Safety Department, where he received the Meritorious Serve Medal.

Paul holds a B.A. in Administration from California State University at San Bernardino, a M.A. in Public Administration from the University of Southern California (USC), and a doctorate (Ed. D) in Executive Leadership from George Washington University. He completed a legislative studies program through Georgetown University and is a graduate of the Naval War College.

An accomplished public speaker, Paul’s significant presentations include keynotes at the U.S. Naval Academy, WestPoint Academy, as well as a number of White House conferences. He has provided keynote speeches in 48 states. Paul has been a guest on CNN, Fox News, al Jazeera, CBS, and ABC; he has also been quoted in local, national and international print media, radio and TV including the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. Visit www.paulchabot.com to learn more about Paul's Candidacy for CA 31st Congressional District.

Mike Zannitto

Michael was a U.S. Navy Combat Medic and veteran of the Gulf War in 1990/91. He has expertise in the areas of combat trauma medicine on the battlefield, TCCC, OEMS, law enforcement, SWAT operations, and multi casualty incidents. Michael has more than 18 years as a law enforcement officer and more than 10 years as an educator teaching healthcare and emergency medical training. Michael currently holds a Vocational Educational Teacher Credential in the State of California in Nursing Services and Legal Law Occupations.

During his strong tenure as a Police Officer Michael had collateral duties such as; Terrorism Liaison Officer, Explorer Advisor, Tactical Medic SWAT team, CPR/FIRST AID Instructor, Community Policing Officer, Recruitment Team member, Gangs and VICE, Air Support Unit, Observer in Airship Operations, Anaheim Stadium and Arrowhead Pond/Honda Center Events.

Michael graduated from Union Institute and University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology. He's also a graduate of University of Southern California Delinquency Control Institute. 

Darwin Nercesian

Darwin Nercesian comes from a background in psychology and communications, specializing in the analysis of nonverbal behaviors. Since 2006, Darwin has participated in investigations focussing on domestic terrorism, kidnapping and extortion. Consulting with the private sector as well as local and federal law enforcement agencies, he has played an integral role in the gathering of intelligence leading to the apprehension of domestic terror suspects, including providing supporting testimony to the courts for the procurement of injunctions meant to protect individuals and private sector companies that have come under fire of eco and related terrorist organizations.

Darwin graduated from California State University Long Beach with his B.A. in Communications and M.S. in Psychology.

Brian Cholula

Brian is our intern. He makes us coffee and does whatever we tell him to do. Brian is eager to learn and he's currently a college student working on his degree. Brian has a big interest in IT Security.

When he's not working for us he attends various IT Security Meetups and learns as much as he can.

He's excited about attending DEFCON 23 in Vegas this year!


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